EML Alumni at Singapore Art Museum Gig

EML Alumnus Ikram playing a long set of electronic music at the Singapore Art Museum POP Party - a courtyard gig in front of the classic fountain, pounding out his original tunes which are a combination of 8 bit and analog sounds. In the audience were our good old friends and EML Alumni Kulturkampf (Mark Wong), Debbie, Safuan, Emily Haw, Adrian Lo, Hsiung Lu-Fang, myself (Ben) and current EML-er Bihui.

Ikram's music has evolved over the past few years - some of you may remember his 8-bit cover of Sasha which he played at the NUS UCC Green Room - to incorporate different styles beyond 8-bit, but most importantly more structure, contrast, energy and tunes. Very listenable and sets your toes tapping.