You too can organize a Radiohead-Style Remix Contest

Picture_11There's a growing field of online music collaboration. This is good for your if you want to

  • make music with people in other places /countries / planets
  • you have your own digital audio workstation (DAW) software -- offers

  • 85 percent of revenue to artists.
  • add a bass part to a song and you get a piece of the rights
  • you can sell stems to remixers (the Radiohead model)
  • you can also give them away for free.

"This is the same thing that Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have been doing -- posting the stems of their tracks" for people to work with, Feinn explained via the phone. Unlike some other online collaboration tools we've seen, this one does not allow the direct recording of music onto the site, because Feinn and Khalfin "want to promote the site as useful for serious musicians" who prefer to use their own DAW. However, songs can be remixed right on the site, as shown by the image to the above right." ... For more info, read the article at