Winners of the Christmas Remix Contest

Here are the winners of the EML Christmas Remix Contest! Their assignment - use a Christmas Carol that is now in the public domain (no longer under copyright) and remix it. The judging criteria were
(1) Relevance i.e. must be a Christmas Carol,
(2) Musicality i.e. melodies / chords etc must match,
(3) Innovation/Originality i.e. must sound different from the original,
and (4) Popularity i.e. the audience (EML members) must like it
The prize winners were
1st Prize - Hafiz with Joy to the World / Jingle Bells Mashup
Hafiz wins a Line6 audio interface donated by our alumni Adrian Lo
2nd Prize - Hainan with Jingle Bells remix
She wins the Computer Music Magazine Special: Make Music Now donated by the Tutors
Special Prize - Luprats with their tribute to Composition Class
Luchen and Poonna represent Luprats and they won two issues of Computer Music Magazine. Luprats wrote a good original song but could not qualify for a normal prize because it was not at all related to Christmas...
Congratulations to all prize winners, as well as to all the others who participated - Wai Yee, Xiaojie, Liufeng, Qiechen - as their remixes were also well executed and interesting, however only 2 prizes could be awarded, so do try again next time!