State of Emergency- work in progress

In March 2009 we're presenting a unique collaboration with
contemporary Malay Dance group Ilsa Tari, at the NUS University
Cultural Centre. Based on a story developed with independent filmmaker
Shaun Koh. Using a mix of original video clips and dance, with
original music from EML, it challenges us to ask: are we really
thinking when we try to 'go green', or are we becoming 'green zombies'
following slogans? EML teams have been working hard on the music
starting this week. I'm looking forward to seeing how they work out.
One moody track was built in separate parts by 2 composers- one part
90bpm, the other is 120bpm. The Protest March features crunchy nu
metal guitar. Zombie theme is a scream fest over compound rhythms. All
the tracks have carefully chosen sound- some lush, some raw and
distorted. Watch this space for more details.

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