EML Alumnus: Emily starring in anime!

EML Alumnus Emily Haw is currently starring in a jap-singapore anime production. It's a mini-series called Gacha Gacha that lasts only 5 mins per episode. Total of 24 eps. by 9 animators, 7 are singaporeans. The voice actors for the main cast are also all singaporeans.
Gacha-Gacha is the story of 4 girls in Singapore and the trials, tribulations, joys and events of their daily lives. Whether it's boy trouble, school events, birthdays or shopping, these girls share all their troubles and joys together. From the lively Japanese girl Asuka, to the beauty queen Elizabeth, Joie "The Human Incinerator" or Nina, anime otaku extraordinaire, each has her own story to tell. Each day brings something new for them - following the latest fashion trend, going to a new place in town, or maybe just hanging out and chatting with each other. Let's follow them through their exploits and adventures!
Here's the link to watch it online. Emily is voice acting as Elizabeth, one of the main characters in the series.

Emily also wrote the opening and ending soundtracks.
Please comment - Emily would love to get your feedback!