Sponsored tickets for MED students to attend our gig!

(NAF = NUS Arts Festival)

Some Good News! The NUS Medical Faculty is willing to
sponsor its medical students for NAF. This means that
you & your members are able to attend some
NAF shows and your friends can attend your group's

1 The Faculty will sponsor our own CFA
medical student members and your friends (from the
Medical Faculty) tickets to maximum 2 NAF shows, at
least 1 NAF show with the medical theme (the
programmes with the red cross) for each medical
student. If your/your friend want/s one ticket, then
it can either be medical related or not. But if they
want 2, one must have the medical theme. You can
choose your own show/s.

2 Please use the enclosed template to
complete the necessary details. Submit your details
by 3rd feb (sunday night).

3 Important Note: Tickets are

So, if you have friends who are in medical faculty, do
ask them to attend PressPlay08. Our concert is the one
with a "red cross +" sign as it relates to medical

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