Electrodyssey 2006: Beyond The Infinite

Electrodyssey 2006: Beyond The Infinite
Date: Saturday 10 February 2006
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Annexe Gallery, Museum, Centre For the Arts

Is Space Infinite? And if so, is there anything Beyond The Infinite?

Some say the global curvature of spacetime is globally flat, so the universe is spatially infinite. Others say we cannot know for sure, though distant galaxies may exist too far away for their light to reach us. Are these galaxies quiet like Ambient? Or violent like Industrial/EBM? Orderly like Trance? Or abstract like IDM? Complex like Drum & Bass? Or minimal? In the spirit of joint discovery, the Electronic Music Lab (EML) invites you to explore with us the final musical frontier that is Space.

Join us in this 6th episode of EML's ElectrOdyssey series, and you will enjoy live performances of innovative original Electronic Music, accompanied by video and visual effects, and performance arts elements. Come experience the first Electronic Music performance in the unique environment of the Annexe Gallery at the Museum.

Tickets at $10 are available from selected locations and from our website http://eml.uzyn.com
Ticket price also covers admission to the pre-show hands-on workshop "Creating Original Electronic Music"
Also watch our website for news of the special forum discussion.

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