A Vision for EML

As you all know, Depeche Mode is the best electronic act in the world. Naturally, they also have the best, most devoted, craziest fans in the world. And there's a thing or two we can learn from these crazy fans.

The advent of internet, the digitisation of recording and the recent explosion in high-capacity modes of file transfer have created a host of new possibilities for bedroom musicians. And just like their favourite band, fans of Depeche Mode are at the cutting edge of these developments.

Recently, DM released their latest single, Precious. Not content with having the song on CD and DVD, a group of fans who had never met and did not even know each other's real names decided to collaborate on a cover version. This was conducted entirely over the Official Depeche Mode Message Board. Read the archived thread and experience the action as it unfolded here.

Over the course of 6 weeks, virtual auditions were held (i.e. people volunteering mp3s of their vocals), an ftp site was set up, and strangers made their contributions in key of Eb minor and the tempo of 105bpm. One visitor to the forum thought what most of us would think: "i bet this wont work out, or just about two of you will end up doing it, i will be very impressed if it works out though!"

In the end, NINE board members realised this final product! Click on the link in the first post of the thread and click on "download precious cover here". It's an awesome effort for a blind collaboration, and the fact that it was this successful speaks volumes for the potential of EML if only we apply ourselves. Maybe this is how we should write our next album. Or the closing number for Electrodyssey 2006!!

The point is, it can be done! =)

(p.s. if any of you are wondering, I was *not* involved in the cover...though if they do another one, who knows...)