When Soulseek spoke to me

Do you have the talent to make an already great song even better? Do you think you have what it takes to match your production skills with Kilowatts, Soulseeks' wunderkind?


The winning remix will be released on the upcoming Saskia CD entitled Deep.

Here's how it works;
* Download the samples from www.slskrecords.com, then remix and submit the finished product.
* The SLSK Records staff, Nir Arbel, and Saskia herself will choose the top 5 tracks.
* These top 5 tracks will remain on the SLSK Records site for public listening.
* The FINAL winner will be chosen from these 5 by the public (i.e. your friends, family, soulseek users, and anyone else who happens to stop by the site.)
* Votes will be cast on the SLSK Records website, and the winning remix will be released on Saskia's new CD, Deep! Set for worldwide distribution, Deep will be a retail, web, and mp3 release.

SLSK Records is committed to sharing the unsigned talent of the Soulseek network with the rest of the world. You could be next!