And so they checked the stock...

And man, is the Electronic Music Studio full of stuff stored away long ago and forgotten. Okay. So the annual stock check is over. So, what's the deal? The deal is that some stuff is missing and if you guys happened to loan it out, please return it to me (Adrian). Here are the major things that are missing:

2 x Sound Canvas (Labels: AUS1821 & AUS1822)
3 x Logitech Mice (If there are any cats among you that ate a mouse, pls return it!)
1 x "Motu Pocket Express" Midi to Parallel Port Interface (Label: CFA99009)
1 x Headphones (Label: AUS1850)
2 x Headphones
1 x Headphone with attached mic
1 x CMEDIA 8738LX 6 Channel S/C (I think this is a mixer. It looks blue in color)
1 x Tascam USB-428 USB Controller (What is this thing? If anyone knows, pls post the answer to the comments section. It sounds like a pci card...)

So, if any of you guys happen to stumble upon any of the above mentioned items, it would be a great help and less hassle for me if you could kindly return all the stuff to me or any of the current Exco Members so that they can pass it to me.

Have a great day, all.