Free Permanent Media Hosting

You've created good music. You wanted to share to the world. You upload to some free host. Only to realise that the host would only store your media for a short period of time, or your listeners would need to go through a painful registration process in order to download your masterpiece, or you have to agree to post your music along with dozens of pr0n images.

Fret no more, my friends., a sister site of The Internet Archive is willing to host your media for free. And they promise to host it permanently.

Which means your masterpiece will be immortalised and you'll be featured on the Internet Archive as an artist!

How great is that.

No, I'm in no way associated with them. I'm just sharing what I learnt.
I have yet to upload my music on If any of you has done it, please post a comment telling us about your page and how painless the registration and uploading process is.